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We help to increase your business’s visibility and reach by offering a highly unique corporate influencing program. It involves leveraging the influence of employees to promote the company’s brand, products, and services. Who can better describe your company’s experiences than your own employees? By turning your employees into your brand’s corporate influencers, companies can tap into their networks and amplify their message to a larger audience while maintaining relevance. That’s what brandPreneurs & brandFluencers is committed to ensuring. Why Choose our Corporate Influencer Program?

Why Choose our Corporate Influencer Program?

We are the perfect way to unlock the potential of your employees and turn them into corporate influencers. Let us make things easier and more engaging for your business by getting our help from the corporate influencer program and seeing the difference yourself!
Qualitative Benefits of the Corporate Influencer Program
Quantitative Benefits of our Program
Unlock Your Team’s Potential by opting for our highly personalized corporate influencer program at brandPreneurs & brandFluencers.

Employer Brand Ambassadors

An employee or possibly a business partner who represents your employer brand is responsible for communicating your brand message to your target market.

We believe that your employees are your best advocates for the employer brand. They are the most reliable source of information about how your business operates. You haven’t thought about it, but you already have an employer brand ambassador. Your website, social media accounts, and job descriptions give job candidates a sense of what working at your company might be like, even if you have yet to make any conscious efforts to change that perception.

How do Employer Brand Ambassadors Benefit your company?

Employee ambassadors promote your business by acting as your brand’s ambassadors and give you a platform to advertise job openings. As a result, businesses can better connect with job seekers and receive more applications from qualified job candidates. This, in turn, increases your business’s reach among the talent pool.

Characteristics of an Employer Brand Ambassador

Employer brand ambassadors serve as the public face of your company and are effective communicators. Therefore, the first quality of an employer brand ambassador is freedom.

The authenticity of the employer brand ambassador is another essential quality. Since job seekers view employees as authentic and reliable sources of information about their company’s mission, values, and ethics, employers should consider hiring them as advocates. 

Frequently, when people consider brand advocates, they may consider outsiders like social media influencers. While this might be the case sometimes, remember that your employees are more familiar with your business inside and out than outsiders and can add a distinctive voice to its reputation. With our help and unique training program, we can let your employees be your brand’s voice in the corporate world and social media.

Let’s start the power of digital marketing and become the best of your name!

Content Marketing

Content marketing is an effective tool that can be used to turn employees into much better corporate influencers. Getting the right strategies for creating engaging content can be difficult, and hiring someone solely for this task can sometimes be challenging. In order for the content to be relevant, credible, and trustworthy, it’s important to have someone experienced and committed to your company.

How brandPreneurs & brandFluencers make it work?

By using the power of content marketing, companies can engage other businesses and generate more reach on their social media accounts. With our remarkable training program, you will be able to turn your employees into the best content creators and create an authentic, engaging presence on social media that resonates with your target audiences. At brandPreneurs & brandFluencers, we provide a detailed training program for your employees that will guide them step-by-step to create, publish, and share content.

Benefits of using employees as content creators   

Content marketing can help companies develop a culture of sharing, inspire trust and loyalty among employees as well as other employers, and ultimately drive more sales and leads toward your business.
We help you tap into the strength of your dedicated employees and turn them into corporate influencers through our training program.
We provide your employees with the right strategies to create highly compelling content that speaks to your target audience and drives conversions easily.

Empower Your Employees

Our program allows you to empower your employees by giving them access to content creation tools and expert advice, so they can become corporate influencers and be helpful to your business in the long run

Optimized for Performance

Our content marketing strategies are optimized for performance, with comprehensive analytics and reporting tools so that you can track the success of your campaigns in real-time.